Year: 2015
Runtime: 80 min
Starring: Deragh Campbell, Joe Perry, Kyle Thomas, Nicholas Martin, Atli Bollason, Nicola Elbro, Benjamin Carson, Lauren Saarimaki, Evan Webber
Producers: Kyle Thomas, Alexander Carson and Jeff Hanes
Writer/Director: Alexander Carson

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Part coming-of-age story, part art-cinema meditation on photography, memory, and souvenirs, O, Brazen Age creates a tender and haunting portrait of friendship and faith in the 21st century. The film follows a group of Toronto artists in their twenties on a search for new mythologies, invoking a cinematic landscape where classical literature collides with new wave aesthetics and 90’s pastiche.

O, Brazen Age is the debut feature film by Canadian writer/director Alexander Carson. It was produced by Alexander Carson and Kyle Thomas at North Country Cinema, and Jeff Hanes at Walk on the Sunnyside, with the support of Telefilm Canada and the Canada Council for the Arts. O, Brazen Age had its World Premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival in 2015, and was presented at numerous film festivals across North America and Europe. It received a theatrical release in Canada in March 2017, garnering much critical acclaim, and is currently available for rental/purchase through Vimeo on Demand & iTunes / Apple TV.

WATCH: O, Brazen Age – Behind-the-scenes

Notable Screenings
Vancouver International Film Festival (2015) – World Premiere
Reykjavik International Film Festival (2015) – European Premiere

Praise for O, Brazen Age

“An immersive and beautifully observed first feature.  Alexander Carson is prepared to take chances and has found a wonderful group of actors to explore the confusing and formative experiences of young adulthood.”— Atom Egoyan

“Freshly lyrical, propulsive — and compulsively honest! These entwined narratives get airborne and soar off into atmospheric realms!”— Guy Maddin

“Alexander Carson’s impressive debut feature is fascinatingly eerie… Carson applies the searching, yearning qualities of late-period Terrence Malick to a Canadian mumblecore drama – exploring thoughtful, talkative characters’ ideas about faith, purpose and desire – and it works.” — Norman Wilner, NOW Magazine

“Something like an edgier, avant-garde version of The Big Chill… The photography is exquisite and the telling of the story is unusual. O, Brazen Age is about the sadness of a single shoe, the rational fear of dentistry and the audacity of doubt. Mostly, it’s about things collected and the big area between the past and future: the never-ending present, or, why not, the Big Still.”— Brad Wheeler, The Globe & Mail

O, Brazen Age is an amazing film – funny, strange, so original and unforgettable. I love it. It’s like an art house version of St. Elmo’s Fire.” Sheila Heti, author of Motherhood

“With humour and lyricism, Carson has crafted a definitive portrait of the young urban zeitgeist in Toronto. O, Brazen Age is a bold début unafraid to reach towards the sublime.” Jordan Tannahill, author of The Listeners